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Stillman Translations is a success-oriented company, persistently working to be the most reliable language provider in the region. Our aim is to fulfill our clients’ needs so that they succeed both locally and internationally.

Offering translations in all possible language combinations Stillman is particularly renowned for its into Spanish translations from English and Portuguese. Always striving to convey your intention throughout the linguistic process, we confidently draw upon our know-how to assist you in translations with other language combinations as well. We are there for you.


The process of rendering one language into another. We work in many different fields, including:

Education – Handbooks – Reports
Medical – Pharmaceutical – Insurance
Technical – Automotive – Equipment
Legal – Certificates – Trials
IT – Computing – Software
Marketing – Cosmetics


Correcting errors and ensuring that the text is consistent and natural in the target language. We work with target language specialists to achieve great results.

Software localization

This is the process of adapting a software product to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of the target market. It includes the software itself and all related documentation.


This task especially involves creativity. It is required for the field of marketing, in which the goal of the text is to influence the potential client to take an action.

Website localization

For this type of localization, it is especially important to take into account character limits, spacial constraint and the brand identity.

Game localization

This entails linguistic knowledge of certain game environments as well as creativity to build a consistent speech and character development.

eLearning/Training localization

This task combines the fields of IT and Education, resulting in a tool to improve users’ expertise and knowledge.

Multimedia localization and Subtitling

This process involves steps different from those involved in a regular TEP project in order to assure synchronization and accuracy.

Over the Phone Interpretation

Our over the phone interpretation (OPI) services are available for you 24/7. We will connect you with a professional interpreter who is an expert in your required languages and in your industry’s specific terminology. Get your free online quote now!

Over the Phone Interpreters anywhere and any moment!

What is OPI?

Over-the-Phone Interpretation is the transfer of an oral message or utterance from one language to another using a spoken and remote medium in a given situation of communication. OPI connects a human interpreter with 2 parties in a 3-way conference call.

The most frequent mode used for this service is consecutive interpreting but depending on the software, simultaneous interpreting may be performed.


Do you have any incoming meeting, conference or any other event with people from different countries? Book an expert interpreter anytime with us!

We offer on-site interpreters who are experts on the languages you require and in your industry’s specific terminology.

What’s this service about?

Interpreting is the transfer of an oral message or utterance from one language to another using the spoken or sign medium in a given situation of communication. The formal ISO (International Standards Organization) definition for interpreting is as follows: Rendering a spoken or signed message into another spoken or signed language, preserving the register and meaning of the source language content. (Note: This definition is derived from ISO, 2014, p. 1.)

We offer interpreting services in all modes:

Simultaneous: the interpreter listens and renders the message in the target language at the same time as the speaker is communicating.

Consecutive: the speaker communicates for a certain period of time (normally, no longer than 5-7 minutes) and then the speaker will pause and the interpreter renders the message in the target language. This sequence will be repeated along the discourse.

Sight translation: it is the oral rendition of a written text.

Managed Services

Stillman provides an efficient practice of insourcing the staffing demands of your internal operations and processes in order to improve your efficiencies as well as your expenses.

Under the managed service subscription model, Stillman is bound by a contractual service-level agreement that measures the performance and quality metrics we must achieve with your Key Performance Indicators.

We guarantee the most skilled and experienced Project Managers are at the ready to manage your over-extended order capacity or complex risk averse projects with the goal of saving time, money while removing the challenges of hiring, training and managing internal staff. We manage your projects by aligning the right people to the right project; defining clear goals and expectations from the start of each project and over –communicating.

Reduce production costs up to 50%.
Hand selected Project Managers delivering each project on-time and on-Budget.
Our resources can easily understand your technical needs and team dynamics required for success and work as an extension of your team.
Expertise in nearly all software platforms.
On-site kick-off meetings at your office.